2022 Most Appealing And Trendy Ankara Gown Styles in Nigeria

The fashion industry in Nigeria is fast becoming global just as her music industry and we can attest to that by the sizzling ankara gown styles that is being churned out of the giant of Africa which is also known as ‘Naija’ as some citizen fondly call her.

You can say with certainty that Nigeria, which recently celebrated its 62nd anniversary as a sovereign state, is one of the fashion-centric countries in the world due to the influx of creative minds into the Nigerian fashion sector.

The ground-breaking results that her fashion business has made and is continuing creating can also be used to support these statements. The Nigerian fashion business is growing and becoming more well-known internationally as the years pass.

There are many different types of ankara gowns, but for the purposes of this post, we will just examine a handful of the most well-liked varieties that are widely used in Nigeria.

1. Show back Gown Style

The show back Ankara gown types are excellent for both informal and casual social gatherings or parties since they have an open back that reveals the wearer’s back.

Show back ankara gown style

2. Fitted ankara gown styles

This is not to imply that women with other body types can’t wear fitting ankara dresses; we just believe it will give curvy women with wonderful body shape more credit. Ladies who are curvy love fitted ankara dresses since it will bring out their shine.

Fitted ankara gown style

3. Loose and flowing ankara gown

Although anyone can wear them, loose gowns are particularly popular among pregnant women. Loose dresses are popular among women who like to feel free and comfortable, and they are appropriate for nearly any type of occasion.

Loose ankara gown style


4. Wide sleeves ankara gown styles

Every woman would want a dress type with broad sleeves since they are so attractive and stunning to look at and because they make a bold fashion statement.

Wide sleeves ankara gown style

5. Off-shoulder and one shoulder gowns

Because it looks trendy and is comfortable to wear, off-shoulder wedding ankara gowns have become quite popular. This allows women to show off their glowing skin from the neck to the shoulder and down to the cleavage.

Off shoulder ankara gown style

Off shoulder ankara gown style

One should ankara gown style

One should ankara gown style

6. Slitted ankara gown styles

These slitted ankara gown styles are current and growing in popularity; women adore them since they make strolling more comfortable. The side of the garment was mostly slashed, showing the wearer’s leg from ankle to thigh.

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