Ade Bakare Couture An Old Fashionista

Ade Bakare Couture is a line of modern beautifully made stylish clothes that have an international look with a unique African influence, the collection is designed by the couturier twice a year, summer and winter ranges.

The Ade Bakare Couture look can be described as dramatique, and geometric with an edge using exquisite fabrics and a modern fusion of African influences which sets him apart.

Ade Bakare Couture An Old Fashionista

Ade Bakare

When Ade created the scent “Breeze” in 1998, he ventured into a new area of the fashion industry. This smell was inspired by his boyhood summers spent in Lagos, Nigeria, on the breezy West African coast. He followed up the perfume with the launch of “Bakare Breeze,” a moderately priced diffusion line that includes a bridal collection for the design-conscious bride, award-winning signature jersey dresses paired with ethnic textile Adire, and a series of kaftans, boubous, and bubas and iros in silk and chiffon.

Photos of Ade Bakare Couture

Old Fashionista

Ade Bakare Early Carrier

Ade Bakare was born in the United Kingdom. Bromsgrove earned a history degree from the University of Lagos in Nigeria in 1988. Then she went to England to pursue a degree in fashion design at Salford University College in Manchester, where she received her diploma in 1990.

He temporarily worked for the English Aristocracy’s couture institutions. Before launching his label in 1991 with a loan from the Prince of Wales Youth Business Trust, he worked with Victor Edelstein and Christiania Stambolian (P.Y.B.T.).

He created a series of day and evening wear dresses that he sold to stores in England and the Channel Islands, including Lucienne Phillips of Knightsbridge, Adele Davis of Old Bond Street, the Guild Fond Foundation, and Ambers of Amersham, twice a season.

In 1997, he opened a couture salon on Grosvenor Street in Mayfair, which was a huge success and catapulted him to the top of the international list of couture designers in England. The late Percy Savage, a fashion innovator and fashion editor for the Mayfair Times, assisted in the management of the salon. He introduced Ade Bakare to a number of well-known and gorgeous females who have since become regular customers.

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