10 Proofs Africans are Madly in Love with Ankara Fabric

There are several reasons why one could say Africans are completely smitten with ankara fabric, and they are readily apparent in the technique and style in which they choose to use it, incorporating it into their daily lives.

1. Ankara fabric at major celebrations

Ankara fabric is actually worn in ankara manner at practically every ceremonial gathering of people in Africa, demonstrating the significant role that ankara fabric plays in our life as a people.

Party ankara fabric

2. Ankara fabric as Aso ebi wears

Families or groups dress in the same ankara material to stand out from the crowd. This could occur at funerals, weddings, spiritual meetings, etc., and the same cloth is known as Aso ebi and is worn by any group or family.

Family rocking ankara

3. Mothers get ankara fabric as gifts

Igbos in southern and eastern Nigeria have a tradition of giving their mothers ankara fabrics as gifts when they return from their daughter’s omugwo (this is popular practise where a mother have to move in and stay to care for her daughter who had just delivered of baby). To show their appreciation, the daughter and her husband would need to purchase some gifts for the woman, with ankara fabric serving as the majority of the items she will get upon returning to her own home.

Ankara gift

4. Babies are wrapped in ankara fabric

Ankara fabrics are among the most common types of cloth used in Africa to wrap babies in order to keep them warm and cozy. This is not to imply that there aren’t other types of cloth available to cover a newborn, but the texture of ankara is particularly soothing and soft on a baby’s skin. Additionally, nursing women wrap their infants behind their backs in ankara.

Baby in ankara fabric

5. Ankara fabric makes it to funerals

Even at funerals, in-laws who have traveled to pay their final respects to the deceased and soothe the grieving immediate family bring ankara textiles to the family in need. At the burial ritual, the kin of the deceased will also wear the same ankara cloth to help identify them.

6. Ankara fabric as head gears

Many women are unfamiliar with the ankara head tie, although it is steadily becoming popular among Africans, primarily among women, especially those in West African countries, as part of informal attire.

Ankara scarf

7. Furnitures in ankara fabric

Furniture designers now cover couches, chairs, and throw pillows in ankara fabric because it has become so popular. We clearly anticipate this, see some beautiful concepts here

furniture made with ankara fabric

8. Ankara fabric on fashion runways

Ankara cloth almost always makes an appearance on the runway at African fashion events. The best African designers consistently look for ways to use ankara cloth in their designs.

9. Mothers hands ankara fabric to children

Many African mothers give their kids used wrappers to use as blankets. A typical African mother may place one of her wrappers in their child’s bag when they are going camping or to school to shield them from harsh weather. Isn’t that incredible?!

10. Ankara fabric as pyjamas and duvet

Many homes in Africa that cannot afford a standard duvet will make do with ankara fabric. In African houses, using ankara fabrics as wrappers is practically standard practice. Some individuals use the fabrics first as pajamas and then as duvets.

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