Aso Ebi Native Styles For Male Fashion

Aso ebi Native Styles for male are apparel worn by a men who are from a wide range of ethnic backgrounds with which when other people see them putting on these clothes, they can easily identify what ethnic group they belong to or are trying to dress like.

Some Popular Native Styles for Male

There are many known aso ebi native style for male in Africa and we would be highlighting the most popular ones for the sake of this article. And they include and are not limited to;


Agbada is a four-piece male outfit worn by Yoruba people in southwestern Nigeria and Benin, West Africa. It consists of an awosoke (big, free-flowing outer robe), an awotele (undervest), sokoto (long trousers), and fila (hat). The outer robe is a large, loose-fitting, ankle-length garment from which the entire costume gets its name, agbada, which means “voluminous attire.”

Native agbada

Buba and Sokoto

Yoruba traditional clothing includes buba and sokoto.  The long pants used with the attire are referred to as Sokoto. Sokoto is the most popular style of agbada trousers; they are ankle-length and close-fitting. Buba is a huge, loose-fitting outer robe with a round collar and sleeves (typically elbow-length, but they can be shorter/longer).

Buba and sokoto style for male


The atiku design is one of the most popular men’s outfits, and many individuals nowadays prefer it over senate attire.

The Atiku fabric is made entirely of cotton and is not as thick or heavy as brocades.

Atiku style for male

Niger Delta Men Wrapper

The wrapper, also known as the lappa or pagne, is a colorful garment worn by men in West Africa. It comes in both formal and informal variations, with everything from basic draped garments to fully tailored costumes. The cloth used to make the wrapping determines its formality.

Niger delta wrapper style for male

Senator style

Most Nigerian, Ghanaian, and other men in most West African countries cannot do without the Senator style. When it comes to the latest senator styles for men, all that matters is what has altered or improved from the previous state of affairs.  Fitted pants are worn with a shirt that can be short or long sleeved and has different designs on different portions of the garment. Senator suit styles can also be elaborate, with a jacket-like appearance.

Senator men style

Ankara style

The patterned cloth featured in African native garments is referred to as ankara. ” Ankara style can be found in accessories, jewelry, shoes, and purses in addition to clothing. Ankara is a type of traditional dress from Africa. With mainstream trends and adaptations of this design, however, it difficult to define Ankara.

The ever-versatile fabric — Ankara – is used to create these stunning Native Ankara outfits for guys.

Ankara men style


African outfit for males dashiki dress African-style dashiki dress for males. Also includes an African shirt that is ideal for casual use. At the same time, children’s apparel and suits. This dress’s clothing set is constructed of high-quality fabric that is both comfy and long-lasting. Dashiki is a type of informal wear for males. Dashiki dress that can be worn at a party.

Dashiki men style


The traditional Nigerian men’s attire is the kaftan. It extended throughout various Nigerian ethnic groups, including Hausa, Fulani, and Kanuri. It was a long garment or tunic in ancient times. Many Nigerian men prefer traditional clothing to trendy trousers, tees, and t-shirts.

Kaftan native style for male


When it comes to male fashion, a jalamia is unquestionably at the top of the list of must-have accessories. Males’s Jalamias are long sleeved clothes with round collars and cuffs that are known as the traditional thobe for Arabian men.

Jalabiya native style for male


Isi Agu is a popular cloth among the Igbo people. Its most distinctive feature is a design of a lion’s head, from which it gets its name. This cloth is typically reserved for exceptional occasions like chieftaincy conferment and weddings.

Isiagu native style for male

Aso ebi Native styles for male in Comparison with female native style

Male native is seemingly equally important even though female clothing always takes the center  space because there are more people talking about female fashion compare to male fashion.

It’s no doubt that when it comes to rocking indigenous and even western design, no one does it better than African males; we just have to give it to them; they look beautiful in everything!

Women are supposed to have more styles when it comes to traditional clothing or local attire, whereas men appear to be basic and regular. But is it really the case? They are just as fashionable as the women and keep the game tight and tight.

Even while the women in their lives sometimes help them put their outfits together, most guys can standout on their own in the fashion world.

How Male Native Styles are evolving

Men’s fashion moves at the same rapid pace as women’s fashion, and styles and patterns vary on a regular basis, making it look more trendy and prepared for each occasion and season.

There’s no denying that African gentlemen are fashionable, therefore it’s no surprise that designers’ creative juices are constantly flowing when it comes to traditional men’s clothes or local men’s attire.

In Nigeria, it’s known as “Senator Wear” because it was initially worn by a senator, moreover it has an elegant style, and ladies have followed the fashion trend…

This traditional men’s outfit is made of simple fabric, similar to that used in suits, and features embroidery on the sleeves, chest, back, and other areas.

Agbada, kaftan/senator wear, Atiku styles. senator wears, Agbada, and Igbo traditional attire.


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Father and son in isi agu

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1 Comment

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    July 17, 2022 at 3:49 pm

    Ur clothes are beautiful I want to buy ur clothes which of them is ready I want an agbada beautiful one.

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