Aso ebi Styles Family Group Photo

Taking a family portrait is a popular and vital family tradition. This image isn’t complete in Africa unless the family is dressed in traditional Asoebi.

Asoebi’s cap is one of the final pieces of the outfit. It might reveal which ethnic group a family or individual belongs to. However, not all Asoebi outfits require a matching cap, scarf, or hair cover. It is also fashionable not to conceal one’s hair.

Aso ebi Styles

Asoebi family of four

Aso ebi dresses can be fashioned simple or heavy, and either method is great. Most foreigners find it simple and elegant, however in Africa, heavier clothing is preferred.

Family Aso ebi Styles


Asoebi family of eight

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Asoebi family of three

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Asoebi family with triplet babies

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