Fabrics are locally produced cloth designs having cultural significance in Africa. Wearing these fabrics within and outside of Africa is a source of pride for the people.

Because of its designs and symbolism, African cloth is now worn by Europeans and Americans. The Kente cloth design is a common African fabric that is popular in many nations. Kente is a knitted fabric that is made up of yellow, red, and navy blue colors. It was first designed in Ghana.

Kente cloth patterns

This material may be found at all of Africa’s major markets, including the well-known Balogun market in Lagos, Nigeria. It is commonly seen at traditional weddings. It’s also available on the foreign market, where it’s offered by African-American businessmen and women.

Fabric materials
Africa ladies and white lady

The Ladies wearing Africa cloth
Asoebi guest - Market sale
Lines of Africa Fabrics in sales store