Feminine headwrap is the new cool. They’re made with the cotton of sweet colours and patterns, hued with love from the heart of Africa.

We must note, that these wraps are uniquely cut for use on the head only and have a texture that makes it easy for its wearer to tie.

In other light, they can be styled in whatever manner one deems fit and can be used as a fashion prop.

These beauties cannot be overlooked by anyone. Men often purchase in various styles for their women, daughters, friends, family etc. They can attest to how elegant the headwrap fit its inhabitant.

As an Asoebi lady, it is paramount you own one of these as they can come in handy when you least expect them.

This has also become a means of income for many designers who create their own innate style of the headwrap so as to stand out and satisfy clients.

As an intuitive innovator, this may just be a turf that generates profit for a very long time if managed properly. 

Roll tide to Africa and its abundance of creative minds.