Experience Africa’s Finest GTCO Fashion Weekend

The GTCO Fashion Weekend is a consumer-focused, fair, and free business platform created to highlight the best of African fashion to a global audience while supporting the vivacious enterprise of the continent’s expanding fashion industry.

At the 2022 Guaranty Trust (GTCO) Fashion Weekend, which is slated to take place on November 12th and 13th, 2022, at the GTCentre, Plot 1, Water Corporation Drive, Oniru, Lagos, fashion and style fans from all over the world will again anticipate witnessing unmatched fashion time.

Fashion Weekend

Fashion Weekend

Guaranty Trust Holding Company Plc

The parent firm of Guaranty Trust Bank is Guaranty Trust Holding Company Plc, a well-known provider of banking and non-banking services with operations in eleven nations across West Africa, East Africa, and the United Kingdom.

The Group runs a diverse, distinctly African franchise and is well known for its innovative approach to stakeholder engagement and customer service, particularly through its non-profit, consumer-focused fairs and capacity-building initiatives for small businesses, which have won the brand the affection of millions of people in Africa and well beyond.

Don’t miss these experience;

Shop for all things fashionable

Since you’ve been given the heads up, you can always give it a shot even though nobody is really ready to be overloaded with options. On November 12th and 13th, 2022, some of your favorite retailers will display and highlight the best clothing available, including the latest trends as well as timeless favorites. Prepare to spend as much money as you can!

Fashion Weekend

Discover the Designers

Prepare to meet the creatives who will astound you with their newest collection at the runway show. For this experience, return to Asoebi Guest in case you missed it.

Fashion Weekend

Fashion Weekend

The GTCO Fashion Weekend: A Pro’s Guide

The flurry of shoppers and fashion fans might be a little confusing, whether you’ve attended a fashion weekend before or this is your first time.

Fashion Weekend

These pointers can help you navigate fashion weekend like an expert. Thank you very much.

  1. Organize Your Schedules: Those who plan well succeed in all things. Know which designers will be exhibiting, the companies you’d like to purchase from, the collections you’ve been longing to see, and the times of the shows you’re interested in.
  2. Go Early: Always remember that being on time is important because early birds often get the greatest deals and seats.
  3. Keep Your Face Perfect: Be picture-perfect at all times by dressing appropriately and acting the part. Bring a backup costume, keep your cool, and know when to strike a pose if you plan to navigate the retail mayhem and attend the runway shows as well. You don’t want to appear gloomy on the internet. Recall that the internet never goes away.
  4. Charge Up: Since this is the biggest fashion event of the year, keep your devices charged. It’s all about letting the world know you’re in attendance, lol, whether it be through narcissistic selfies, goofy Snapchat videos, or a few boomerangs.
  5. Connect With People: The key to every fashion event is networking. Everything depends on who you are and what you do. When you enter the room, approach people, and introduce yourself, be assured. Engage in socializing and acting cocky-free. Act like you belong while being yourself.
  6. Keep in mind the F-Row Protocol: Be classy if you find yourself in the front row. Keep in mind that your seat at the fashion weekend is the most sought-after spot; thus, sit up straight and keep your legs crossed.

Fashion Weekend

Fashion Weekend

Previous Runway Photos Of GTCO Fashion Weekend

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