Gele styles to spice up your asoebi in 2022

The word Gele is of Yoruba origin in South Western Nigeria. Gele are are mostly used by women to spice up their aso ebi attires. Head ties are common garment that is worn in many different countries in Africa.

Due to the diversity on the continent and the number of different ethnic groups that exists in Africa, the way that head ties are being produced and worn varies between countries, and can sometimes vary between regions in a particular country.

Hence, we need to be more specific when talking about head ties, and so in this article, we’re going to take a closer look at Gele, a type of head tie worn primarily by women in Southern Nigeria, in West Africa.

Gele styles

Origin of Gele and why wear gele?

Gele is essentially a type of head tie worn by women in the Western Africa country of Nigeria. In contrast to the head ties worn in some other African countries, like Uganda, Gele is usually rather large and ornate, and as a result, are associated with ceremonial wear rather than day to day usage. Nevertheless, some women also wear smaller, less formal Gele for everyday activities.

Whether it is being worn for ceremonial purposes or as an everyday garment also affects the style of the garment, as ceremonial Gele will usually cover both the ears and hair of the wearer, whereas everyday Gele will only cover the hair only.

Gele comes in a range of different colours and styles, with each having its own meaning or association. Some will even denote that the wearer is of a certain social status, and so Gele forms an important part of social relations in Nigeria.

we have Gele in a wide range of colours, patterns, and styles, so you’re sure to find something to match whatever outfit you’re planning to wear it with!

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How to wear your gele?

Gele comes as a flat piece of fabric, that is then wrapped around the hair and head of the wearer and tied into place. If worn for ceremonial purposes, they are usually extremely large and rise high above the head of the wearer.

The beauty of Gele is that they can be worn any way one pleases which makes it a very versatile garment. Some ties the gele on the head while others make on a doll and wear it on the subject.

Gele made on a doll

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Igbo gele

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