Ghanaian school adopt Ankara house wear.

More often than not, we have had discussions on inculcating our local fabrics into our everyday lives.

Debates have been held on the significance of having to uniformly own up to our history and culture pre-colonial times.

Topic aired at length on our way of life, association, dressings and so on being disrupted without a choice have been dialogues had from generation to generation without a step taken toward this cause.

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However, today is the day things will begin to change as Ghanaian school, introduces the Ankara house wear to its students. This idea which made many ecstatic proves that the future is brighter than we think. And that Africans are accepting the beauty in its ashes.

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Witnessing a day such as this means a big wave called change is about to hit the world real soon, and we would have folks wearing African fabrics to the office environment and for official purposes.

Our expectations are high as we wait a time like this.

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