Handmade Africa wax foot wears.

It is a well-founded fact that African art, products, creatives, and artifact and wanted and sought after internationally.


These goods give Africans and the innovators a sense of pride like no other and show how deeply invested our heritage has a lot to offer.

We look at the beautiful production of African wax shoes made with delicate hues and colors combined to give it wearer that stint of distinction.

These shoes are so different that they are produced by indigenes and non-indigenes alike and are ranked as a profitable means of income. Displayed and worn by top rung public figures as well as it been featured in movies, art exhibition, music videos alike prove to us how accepted these beauties are home and abroad.

This is us letting you know you need to have one of this footgear in your closet for the aesthetically pleasing combination you would want to showcase when on outings.