Quality African Fabric Patterns For Stylish Use

African fabric patterns, accessories, and other things are frequently used in Africa. Fabric with an African wax print is composed entirely of cotton, which is used to create quality African wax print fabric. It is also known as Chitenge, Dutch Wax, and Ankara cloth.

African fabric patterns on clothing serve to visually depict African culture. Wearing hair wraps and other items with African prints helps people connect with ancestral fabric as a symbol of African identity, culture, and history.

African Fabric Patterns

The majority of African patterns and designs, however, have little to do with African history and provide Africa with absolutely no economic advantage from production.

African Fabric Patterns Manufacturing

A common stamp(label) that appears on millions of fabric designs worldwide is the African wax print cloth created in China and the Netherlands. However, it is uncommon to come across clothing with an African nation of origin label.

African Fabric Patterns

Modern machinery was used by European traders to imitate the fabrics, especially the Dutch, who are currently one of the major manufacturers of the fabrics. African wax print fabrics are made utilizing an ancient art tradition in which soft wax is used to imprint designs onto cotton fabric.

The wax serves to keep the dye from soaking into the fabric. The spaces between the wax portions are then colored on the cloth after applying the dye. Several colors may occasionally be employed, along with a sequence of drying, waxing, and dyeing operations.

African Fabric Patterns

African markets usually have a wide variety of African print cloth designs and styles. Plants, African tribal cloth, florals, line patterns, and animal prints are a few examples of printed fabric designs.

African Fabric Patterns

Ankara African Wax

Kente Ankara Prints

African Fabric Patterns Dresses

African dress styles are becoming incredibly prominent in the global fashion industry. African dresses are created using a variety of fabric materials. They include Ankara styles, dashiki styles, Aso Ebi, kente, batakari, kitenge, etc.

African traditional attire varies in each nation due to the size and diversity of the continent.

African Fabric Patterns



Ankara Wax Mix

African Fabric Patterns Décor

African interior fabric designs, which are used for home décor reasons like upholstery on furniture, curtains, rugs, and carpets, are one of the two main areas of African design that designers typically concentrate on. These designs are created using a similar fundamental method. Now let’s have a look.


Dining Placemat / Table Mat

Lamp Pendant

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