Stunning Mozambican Traditional Capulana Clothing Styles

Mozambicans have worn the traditional capulana for ages and it is an iconic piece of apparel. A wraparound skirt with vivid colors and patterns is commonly crafted from cotton or silk material. In addition to being fashionable, this traditional clothing serves a number of useful functions, such as offering warmth in the winter and sun protection in the summer.

People in Angola, Mozambique, and other parts of South Africa typically dress in capulana. The fabric is generally patterned with stripes, geometric forms, or floral patterns and is vividly colored.


It is frequently employed to create blankets, dresses, and skirts. In recent years, capulana has grown in popularity as a result of its distinctive appearance and cultural significance. It offers a chic way to stay cool during the scorching summer months and also acts as a significant representation of African culture and history.

It also captures the cultural heritage of Mozambique and its inhabitants, making it a crucial component of the nation’s identity. Modern society has replaced the nation’s traditional attire with western wear, yet on some occasions, traditional attire is still worn. Women in Mozambique dress in capulana, a heavy fabric decorated with exquisite artwork.

Capulana is an excellent method to bring color and vibrancy to any clothing or setting, all things considered. Its adaptability makes it ideal for every situation or time of year, making it a classic that will endure for many generations.

Capulana Clothing Styles


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