Ankara Styles of Vlisco Model

The Vlisco Wax Hollandais are unique prints and patterns that draw inspiration from African culture. Each design captures a distinctive modern look while maintaining a connection to its African roots.

The highest grade soft cotton is used in the production of Vlisco Wax Hollandais, giving it a wonderful feel as well as a surprisingly durable quality.

Ankara styles

Since 1846, Vlisco has created and produced beautiful fabrics that African women like. In Helmond, the Netherlands, the specially designed fabrics Wax Hollandais, Super-Wax, and Java are still created using traditional techniques and supplies.

Vlisco has produced over 350,000 unique textile designs in the past 170 years. Many of these patterns have developed into cultural gems, given unique names and meanings by the traders of Central and West Africa.

Each year, fresh designs are created alongside time-tested favorites to inspire the next generation of Vlisco fans. The very expressive and inventive consumers of Vlisco convert the fabrics into unique, stylish styles.

Why is Vlisco so well-liked? The brand’s adaptability, which includes a wide variety of designs and styles in their fabrics, is the answer. You’ve probably already seen from looking at our product pages how Vlisco’s designs span from the conventional to the futuristic and from the subdued to the whimsical.

Despite this, there is a certain aesthetic sensibility that unites all of the brand’s materials. If you enjoy using our Vlisco products, you might be curious in how their textiles manage to be both adaptable and reliable. We’d want to shed some light on the matter by examining the design and manufacturing procedures used by Vlisco.

Photos of Vlisco Model on Ankara styles

Model Faith

Ankara styles

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