Aso-ebi Wedding Ankara Style

Weddings in Africa are very ceremonious and you need not look too far before you notice groups flaunting their wedding ankara styles amidst party invitees, friends and family.

Ankara wedding style

Need to know about Wedding ankara Style

Truth be told, aṣọ ẹbí as a culture originated from west African with people wearing the same cloth materials styled differently to suit the wearer’s fashion taste and in most cases the material happens to be ankara.

No matter how little or grand a wedding in Africa might be, one should always look forward to seeing colourful and stylish wedding ankara styles from men and women or even children.

Wedding Ankara Style

Although many years back not all tribes endulge in this practices but seeing the splendor it brings to wedding parties many other ethnic groups or tribes have began to copy and replicate these practices.

This might not be very accurate but as as far back as we can go wedding ankara style emanated from the Yoruba tribe. The ankara fabric which would be bought in bulk by the couples and sold to both friends and family.

Significance of wedding ankara style

Different fabrics may be sold to different groups, such groups as siblings and immediate family, grooms friends, bride’s friends, couple co-workers, paternal relatives, maternal relatives and so on.

Wedding Ankara Style

These Wedding Ankara Fabric could serve as a means to raise more money for the wedding party, it also helps classify the wedding guests at a glance.

Suprisingly, a lot of other African ethnic groups are beginning to buy into the idea of incorporating aso ebi fashion into their marriage ceremonies.

So, when next you are planning a union you could try introducing the wedding ankara style to spice-up and add colour to your memorable life event.

Wedding Ankara Style

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