Asoebi George Styles for a Guaranteed Colourful traditional wedding in 2022

We have put together a great array of Asoebi George style inspiration for a dashing look. The George fabric seems to be the most popular fabric for traditional marriages in Nigeria recently.

George fabric comes in all the amazing colors you can think. Most Nigerian Brides has found this fabric very lovely for appealing looks.

Bride George Style

Aside from traditional marriages most Nigerian women has found this fabric very appropriate for elegant and rather exquisite look.

Is Asoebi George Styles for Igbos only?

In those days, george used to be a fabric used in the Southern part of Nigeria but today it is now widely accepted in Nationwide regardless of culture and traditions, However the style may depict the wearer ethnic group.

Although still more common in the is in the riverine areas of Nigeria the Igbos are also falling in love with this beautiful fabric turning it out in various styles that you will love.

Most common amazing Styles are made with this fabric -skirt and blouse styles, long and short gown styles and rappers that women tie on the chest for those in the Benin area and men tie them too in the South-south region.

So then it is true that both male and female wears this fabric for traditional weddings and for other gorgeous looks.

Igbo asoebi George style

In the Eastern and Southern parts of the country, the ‘George’ fabric is a top choice.

The fabric which is made from high-quality polyester features detailed designs and adornments on a taffeta or plain chiffon background and also come with elegant embroidery and scalloped edges.

More pictures of asoebi George Styles

George fabric is guaranteed to enhance the physical appearance of any woman as long as the dress is sewn perfectly to suit the wearer. Hence, a lot of ladies are eager to rock their george style gown on their day.


Bridal in George fabric

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