34+ Magnificent Unisex Kaftan Embroidery Designs

Traditional Middle Eastern, North African and North Nigerian kaftans are typically embellished with kaftan embroidery designs, a kind of decorative needlework. Long, fluttering kaftans are frequently worn as a robe or tunic. Both men and women can wear them, and they can be constructed of various materials such as silk, cotton, and wool.

Kaftan embroidery design

Kaftan embroidery is primarily done by hand and uses a variety of threads, beads, and sequins. The embroidery patterns can include geometric shapes, floral patterns, and other decorative features, and they can be extremely complicated. While some kaftans may have embroidered all over, others might simply have it on the sleeves or neckline.


In the past, skilled artisans who learned the trade from their families and communities embroidered kaftans. Nonetheless, there are other businesses and designers now who focus on producing embroidered kaftans for a broad clientele. While still retaining the conventional embroidery techniques and themes, these modern designs frequently incorporate new styles and materials.

Kaftan Embroidery designs

The exquisite and complex skill of kaftan embroidery has been handed down through the ages. Embroidered kaftans are a wonderful reflection of the rich cultural legacy of the Middle East and North Africa, whether worn as a traditional garment or as a contemporary fashion statement.

Different Types of Embroidery

There are many types of embroidery. The four most common and popular types are:

  • Crewel Embroidery

Crewel embroidery a type  Surface embroidery made with wool is known as crewelwork. After a design outline printed on the fabric, a wide range of embroidery stitches are used. It has been practiced for at least a thousand years.

  • Cross-stitch Embroidery

Because cross-stitching is simple to master, it’s perfect for beginners. Cross-stitching simply needs the fundamental x-shaped stitch to get started, as opposed to learning several stitch techniques for embroidery. In reality, it’s a variety of counted stitching that employs tiny crosses to produce a tiled design.

Kaftan embroidery design


  • Surface Embroidery

Surface embroidery, as opposed to canvas work, is any type of needlework in which the design is produced using ornamental stitches and lay threads on top of the foundation fabric or canvas rather than through the fabric.

  • Machine Embroidery

Machine embroidery is a type of embroidery in which patterns are made on textiles using a sewing or embroidery machine. Commercial applications include uniform embellishment, corporate advertising, and product branding.

Nowadays, needlework in Africa has advanced significantly. African embroidery adapted to the new environment and managed to maintain its grace and sophistication when fashion era and style evolved over time. While each embroidery technique has a unique expertise, it is clear that they all produce a strong and significant fashion statement. The greatest method for adding embroidery stitches to fabrics or clothing is hand embroidery or surface embroidery.

Kaftan embroidery design

Kaftan embroidery design

Kaftan embroidery design

Kaftan embroidery design

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