Woman! Beautiful, complicated, strong, understanding, vibrant, desirable, a work of art, a sculpture of the creator and the womb in which mother nature rides.

These and more are what she stands for and who she is.

She is the one who works all day long to be better and make the people around her better.

She adds meaning to life, career, marriage, and society.

Without the woman, there would be no community.

Without the woman, life would be vague and lean.

Without the woman, growth would be unattainable.

The woman is the link to LIFE.

A great vessel embodied with so much but carries it all with pride.

Can we just agree that our women are like the ocean which brings calmness when at its bank?

Therefore, we commemorate and appreciate them on this day.

To every awesome woman, you are loved and appreciated.

Happy International Women’s Day 2021!