Africa Inspired Wax Prints Ladies Ankara Shoes

African-style fabrics with wax prints are used to create a particular kind of footwear known as ladies’ African wax print shoes. These fabrics, which have been used in African fashion for many years, are renowned for their patterns and intricate designs.

These shoes frequently employ wax print textiles that are imported from West African nations including Ghana, Nigeria, and Senegal. Typically, the fabrics are created using a wax-resist dyeing technique, in which wax is applied to the cloth to produce a pattern, and then the fabric is coloured. When the wax is taken off, the regions it covered are left undyed, resulting in a recognizable pattern.

In addition to showcasing the rich creative traditions of Africa, these shoes offer significant economic opportunities for regional designers and workers. By combining African wax prints into collections and shoe designs that support African fashion and culture while also giving local artisans a place to display their creations.

There are several different types of women’s shoes with African wax prints, including flats, sandals, and high heels. They are a well-liked option for special occasions like weddings and parties because they are frequently adorned with beads, sequins, and other beautiful components.


Wax Print flat foot wear

African wax print ladies shoes have become more well-known in recent years outside of the African continent as well, with designers from all over the world adding the textiles into their collections. This has given African fashion designers and artisans new options while also drawing attention to the continent’s rich cultural heritage and aesthetic traditions.

Photos of Wax Prints Ladies Shoes


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