Aso ebi Brocade Styles For Classy Ladies 2023

The amazing aso ebi brocade styles, though not very popular compared to ankara styles, it still got heads turning because of it’s flamboyant colors and elegant designs which are quite alluring to say the least.

In the Middle Ages, nobility in China, India, Persia, Greece, Japan, Korea, and Byzantium used brocade fabric, one of the few luxurious textiles available at the time. A particularly sought-after fabric was brocade, which the Byzantines woven.


Brocade is a woven fabric with patterns. Brocade has patterns that are woven right into the cloth, unlike embroidered materials. Many cultures have employed brocade over its lengthy history. Brocade is becoming more widely used and was formerly only found on ornamental clothing.


For the majority of brocade’s history, silk has been the fabric of choice for clothing, but today, wool, cotton, and even synthetic fibers can be used to create brocade. Brocade has a special aura of beauty and sophistication, even when it is manufactured from cheap materials and used to make casual clothing.


The excess thread from the additional weft used to create the designs in this type of fabric is either cut off or left hanging on the reverse of the cloth.


The extra weft is solely woven in the patterned section in this style. The cloth is woven with extra threads, which are then used to weave in more designs.

Brocade style


The most common style of brocade fabric is this one. It was the original kind of fabric ever created and is still in use today. This is probably because of how smooth, sturdy, and opulent it feels.


It is typically less expensive than silk and cotton brocades and is made from synthetic fibers. In comparison to cotton or silk brocade fabric, it is also less expensive to create. They are not, however, as soft or as cozy to wear as ones made of natural fibers.


Compared to silk brocade, cotton brocade is less expensive and easier to create. Cotton brocades are frequently used to create casual clothing and typically have less intricate patterns than silk.


India is where himru is typically produced and utilized. It is constructed of a blend of cotton and silk. Because of this, it has the appealing brightness of silk, is robust, and feels soft to the touch, breathable, and somewhat flexible like cotton.

Brocade style

Zari used to contain threads made of priceless metals like silver, gold, or copper. However, these precious metals are now replaced by synthetic materials like metallic yarns. India frequently uses zari to create traditional sarees.


Jacquard, however, is a loom that is specifically used for weaving figured fabrics. It can also be used to describe a type of fabric with a complicated weaving pattern. Usually, when a brocade is confused with a jacquard, it is often mixed up with the latter.

Brocade styles

Brocade styles

Brocade styles

Brocade style

Brocade style

Brocade style

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