Nigeria fashionista Judy Kay grease an event with customers, this is one effective and friendly method to get many jobs and contacts in a systematically medium.

Fashionista Idudu Judith has been in the clothing industry for over a decade, she has her business name Judy Kay. She’s always simple and feels exciting to join friends in celebration.

During the party she do have some picture session with customers that she identify with. And at the same time she get to make new friends and new customers as people will introduce her as the tailor who made there dresses. This can make anyone to become a public figure in any ceremony.

Nigeria fashionista Judy Kay

Judy Kay (Judith) is most welcome due to her commitment to ensure Asoebi group is well setup, relieving the Bride the stress to follow up personal dress, family and friends. Judith is a sub event planner, her work is specific to only organise female dress.

Judy Kay

Judy Kay is an important guest due to her played role. She works with group in respective of the different location, like ladies group for Asoebi. They often chose her to build cloth and they are optimistic to receive it in perfect condition and on time before the main day.

Judy Kay

Judy Kay early stage

Idudu Judith
Idudu Judith aka Judy Kay

Judith grew up in Ughelli, Delta state, Nigeria. She was born and raised up in a fashion family were mother, cousins, siblings and aunties are into clothing.

At the ages of 14 she started learning tailoring through her mother, she’s learned along side with her elder sister Idudu Ann to make good cloths.

She later work with her sister for some years before she decided to get her own brand, her business is growing tremendously.

Idudu Ann
Idudu Ann

Her elder sister Idudu Ann is the business owner of Annieliese Touch. Ann is a fabulous dress stylist based in Ogun state, Nigeria.

Contact: +234-705-820-4696
Instagram: judykay_kolection