Attending weddings sounds fun and exciting but it can be tasking sometimes, especially for our beautiful African ladies. This is due to our different shapes and sizes.

One of the issues is getting the right fabric shade picked by the couple or booking that make-up artiste on time, or getting the tailor to sew the cloth on time, or is it the shoes and bag that needs to match amongst other things.

However, the most crucial part is the Asoebi fabric itself. Getting the right material is very important so as to get the original style you want to derive for your dress to fit your shape and size.

There are different types of Aso Ebi materials and to ensure you do not ruin that great design you have in mind, you must be certain that the fabric suits the style as not all materials can bring out the beauty of a particular design.

One thing you must always remember my lovely ladies is getting the right aso Ebi fabric, that is the first step. Ensure you have discussed the style with your tailor or designer to the T’ so as to avoid ‘What  I ordered Versus What I got’.