The Different Types Of Aso ebi Fabric Every Lady Should Rock

Even for our gorgeous African women, attending parties can be challenging at times. It might be difficult to choose the right aso ebi fabric to wear for the event or occasion.

One of the issues is getting the right fabric shade picked by the couple or booking that make-up artiste on time, or getting the tailor to sew the cloth on time, or is it the shoes and bag that needs to match among other things.

Aso ebi fabric

However, the most crucial part is the Aso ebi fabric itself. Getting the right material is very important so as to get the original style you want to derive for your dress to fit your shape and size.

There are different types of Aso Ebi materials and to ensure you do not ruin that great design you have in mind, you must be certain that the fabric suits the style as not all materials can bring out the beauty of a particular design.

Ankara Aso ebi Fabric

Ankara, also referred to as African wax print, is a popular fabric in Africa for clothes. It is often made of cotton and has print patterns modeled after batiks.

The consistency in color intensity between the front and back of the fabric is one of Ankara‘s distinguishing features. The cloth ankara is incredibly adaptable.

Aso ebi fabric

It is instantly identifiable everywhere thanks to the tribal-inspired designs and themes. Ankara can even match a caftan, an iros, and a bubas when it is well-sewed.

The younger generation prefers Ankara since it is relatively inexpensive and modern. As a result of its popularity and adaptability, the cloth had become a favorite choice for Nigerian weddings.

Lace Aso ebi Fabric

Lace are very delicate materials. Wool, cotton, silk, and other natural materials are used in its construction. Different kinds of openwork designs can be seen on the fabric. Geometric, floral, and botanical lace motifs are popular.

Lace can be included into fabric patterns as the primary component or as an embellishment for the hems of clothing.

Lace aso ebi fabric

Africans associate elegance and sophistication with lace textiles. They typically just have one color, which makes them incredibly distinctive. They completely change the atmosphere of an event when used during weddings.

They are therefore among the best choices appropriate for weddings and other celebrations in Nigeria.

For females, lace can be sewed into Iro and Buba; for males, lace can be stitched into Buba and Sokoto.

Aso oke Aso ebi Fabric

A fabric called Aso-Oke was created by the Yoruba tribe. It began in “Western Nigeria” and “Ajase” in the southeast of the Republic of Benin. It takes a long time to meticulously hand weave the cloth. It is therefore frequently pricey.

The method of creating the cloth hasn’t changed much over the years. However, new methods have been used to dampen the Aso-Oke cloth’s thickness, making it more suitable for casual wear.

Aso oke aso ebi fabric

Men‘s caps and gowns called “Agbada” are made from the cloth. Fila is a brand name for the headgear. Also called as Iro and head ties, Aso-Oke is used to manufacture women‘s wrappers.

Gele is the name given to the headbands. Aso-Oke is the pinnacle of grandeur with its classic weaving patterns. For many Nigerian weddings, this makes it a popular choice.

Kaftan Aso ebi Fabric

Caftans are the ideal clothing item for comfort and versatility. Families who consider these characteristics to be the main criteria for selecting materials always choose caftans for their occasions.

Technically, the fabric makes for a one-size-fits-all outfit. It typically has a loose fit and tend to flow as you move.

Kaftan aso ebi fabric

Cotton and polyester both work well for caftans. The most crucial aspect is that it must be soft to the touch and lightweight.

Originally popular among the Northerners in Nigeria, caftans are now being worn by individuals from different tribes due to the fabric’s straightforward and convenient properties.

Almost every occasion is appropriate for a kaftan. Its minimalist aesthetic and traditional two-piece construction make it a popular choice for male counterparts. Nigerian designers are already producing really inventive caftans.

Organza Aso ebi Fabric

Fabrics made of organza are always vivid and colorful. The fabric is well-liked in West Africa and is well-known for its beauty. Many current organzas are made of polyester or nylon in their weaving.

The material is a simple weave that feels sharp and light to the touch. Organdy is the term for the cotton version of what is often composed of silk.

Aso ebi fabric

Contrary to popular belief, organza is a robust fabric that is frequently mistaken for being sheer.

It is frequently used to make gowns and skirts with volume due to its superb drape. The organza fabric is a popular option for special occasions because of its vivid appearance.

Unquestionably, the elegant cloth is ideal for Nigerian weddings.

One thing you must always remember my lovely ladies is getting the right aso Ebi fabric, that is the first step. Ensure you have discussed the style with your tailor or designer to the T’ so as to avoid huge disparity between ‘What I ordered’ Versus ‘What I got’.


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