In ages past, we often found ourselves making grand plans for our ceremonies with the venue a school, church, or football field. These were the go-to options at a point in time.

However, things have changed; new ideas are beginning to spring up. 

These decisions came to be as a result of the uncontrollable weather. One thing we can do is pick a date for our Owambes but what we cannot do, is rheostat the weather. Ceremonials have been put to a stop because of this irrepressible element. One knows that if it starts to pour and one is caught outdoor, that spells doom.

The rain is a miracle by the creator albeit; it brings a sort of tardiness to the ambience of parties. It slows things down and causes one to pause on its energetic tracks to avoid been drenched.

Hence, a rethink on better options which brought about the use of halls. Halls have made it easy for the party to keep going. Come rain, come sunshine. This doesn’t deter a few who like to be amidst nature on their special day from making use of outdoor locations. The decision solely lies at the hand of the host(s) and what they desire. 

We must say the inception of halls has become an employment avenue for several. It has allowed room for competition among vendors to be the best and be sought after for occasions.

Hall decorators continue to grow by the number and are cashing out real good as we have heard. In the end, it is a win-win for all. 

These decorators put their all into making the venue delightful for the couple. They work their butts off to create a lasting impression for the duo and sell their craft to the guests.

Indeed innovation brings about growth. 

What sort of location would you be considering for your special event?

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