A Look At Nigerian Tiv Tribe Traditional Wedding And Attire

We are looking in to the TIV Traditional Wedding, a Middle Belt region of Nigeria. The TIV tribe is the name of this group. They are well renowned for their body-constricting dance moves and white and black striped clothing.

Getting married is a wonderful privilege and a journey that teaches us to persevere, be tolerant, and improve as people. As a result, we have made the decision to explain the traditional wedding ceremonies of each Nigerian community.

Traditional Wedding

The Tiv are lively people with scrumptious cuisine and culture. They are primarily found in Nigeria’s Benue State. Among the well-known performers from this region are Kidwayya of BBN, Zule-zoo, and 2face Idibia.

So how do the Tiv people conduct a traditional wedding?

Similar to other clans, the groom must make a declaration of his intentions before being introduced and bringing presents. These presents include hot beverages, a bottle of wine, salt, and palm oil.

The bride’s family is divided into twos for the main celebration, both the man and female in separate rooms. It is asked that the groom and his family come to the male chamber to talk about the dowry. The list of things the groom asked during the introduction is delivered after a conclusion. The bride picking her boyfriend out of the crowd while also having a drink confirms who the groom is the next.

Traditional Wedding

Once this is over, the pair goes to the room with only women to introduce the man she has chosen to them. Advice and supplications follow. The young people in the room may receive a token from the groom, however it’s not required.

The situation is ready at this point. The bride is greeted by the groom’s family during a ceremony known as the “Kwase kuhwan” with traditional Tiv music and “Swonge” dancers.

Foods like akpu (fermented cassava) and pocho, pounded yam and atuu, or akpu and atyever are provided as part of the celebration, and music is played to keep the guests entertained.

This is a succinct explanation of the Tiv traditional marriage ceremony. Always visit our page to learn more about Nigerian traditional weddings and to stay updated on what to anticipate at such events.

Tiv Traditional Wedding Photos

Traditional Wedding

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