A Tale Of The Kingdom Of Benin You should Know

We had empires and kingdoms in Nigeria and West Africa before the time of colonization and slavery, controlled by Kings and Men of valor. These Kingdoms were extremely strong and capable of completing any task inside their borders.

Without knowing firsthand that the majority of the magnificent images on show in European museums were antiques taken from Africa, many people have frequently pondered where they came from.


Did you realize that some of these magnificent carvings came from the long-gone Benin Empire? One of Nigeria’s 36 states, Edo lies in West Africa. It was referred to as the Bendel State back then. a fusion of the people formerly known as the Delta and the Edo.

This empire was renowned for its might and advanced cultures over all of Africa. According to legend, when the white people arrived in the kingdom, they discovered that it had a built-in infrastructure and was civilized. The story of a fallen dynasty may be found in Benin City, which is said to as the nation’s heartbeat.

The colonials attacked and burned it to the ground while robbing its insides of their possessions and inhabitants. The Benin Empire continues to be one of the leading symbols of development in West Africa, and both its history and its artifacts are incomparable.

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Oba of Benin, Ewuare

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