Did you Know? A Tale of the Benin Kingdom

Before the era of colonialism and slavery, we had empires and kingdoms in Nigeria and West African ruled by Kings and Men of valour. These Kingdoms were so powerful and had the capacity to do all things within their walls. Many have often wondered where the beautiful images displayed in European museums are gotten from without knowing first-hand that most of them were artifacts taken from African.

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Did you know some of these great carvings were stolen from the now-defunct Benin Empire?

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Edo state is one of the 36 states in Nigeria, West Africa. Those years ago, it was called the Bendel State. A union of Edo and Delta people as we call them today.

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This Empire was known for its strength all over Africa and its civilizations. It was said that the whites visited the kingdom and found that it was civilized and there was innate infrastructure. Benin city which is called the Heartbeat of the nation is a tale of a fallen dynasty.

Pummelled and burnt to the ground by the colonials while their goods and people were looted out of its walls. 

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Benin Empire to date stands as one of the foremost identities of development in West Africa and its history remains unbeatable as do its relics.

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