Did You Know? facts about the FILA

Everyone is privy to the fact that our men in Asoebi, is not complete without the Fila. The fila crown the outfit and make the wearer looking ravishing. These caps are mostly worn by the Yoruba men which have now become a trend for all as fashion began to evolve. 

The variant caps are worn by the Yoruba’s include: Abeti-Aja, etu (made from aso-oke), Gobi, Kufi, and Awolowo Cap. In Yoruba land, some professions do have their own type of cap such as Farmers and it is called Gberi-agbe, also the hunter’s own called Gberi-ode.

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However, did you know that the way the fila is worn had a meaning back in the days?

Here are seven significance attached to wearing the Fila. 

-When the wearer positions his cap to the left, this means such individual is married.

-When it is to the right, it means the wearer is single.

-When it is worn by a youngling, it is positioned to the front to mean the youngster will have a magnificent future.

-When it is worn by the elderly, it is placed to the back to mean they have had their time.

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In all other situations, if a person of high caste tilts his cap to either the left or right in Yoruba land, the followers of these important persons must angle theirs to the opposite of their Lords’ as a sign of respect. A man about to get married must bend his cap to the direction of his fiancé’s house whenever he is within the neighborhood to tell other suitors to keep off. 

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We also have the Sango worshippers, known to lean their Gobi cap inwards to pay homage.

Here are some facts about the Fila jotted. Did you know this? Bet you did not. Kindly subscribe to get new data. 

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