Everyone is aware of how stunningly ornamented the Efik brides are. They are dressed in an opulent lace gown with matching accessories. Many people have decided to modernize and make it appear nice in recent years, but this does not take away from its beauty or cultural significance.

However, we’ve discovered that many people are unaware of the significance of these accessories. The Efik wife must dress in a way that sets her apart from the other women.

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The sleeveless blouse

For the ladies, this is a must-have. It is available in a variety of materials, styles, ornamentation, and colors. These blouses are cropped and short, revealing the stomach area. The top would be embellished with embroidery, beads, rhinestones, and other beautiful components for a bride.

The wrapper

This is worn with the chemise, and the two together create a beautiful figure. These wrappers are also short, revealing the wearer’s leg. When a bride chooses to wear the full traditional attire, she is almost often barefoot, with cultural fittings on her hands and legs.

In the local dialect, the combination of the Sleeveless blouse and the wrapper is known as ‘Ofod Ukod Anwang.’

As previously noted, due to modernisation, brides like to wear in a slightly different manner, which is also in keeping with Efik tradition. “Onyonyo” is the name of that option.

This is a long, flowing dress with a tight top and a broad, roomy skirt, similar to those seen in Europe. The staff they wield, as well as their wig, which is adorned with a queen headdress, are all included in this set.

When all of these elements are together, the bride becomes a royal queen. She towers over every other beauty, and everyone’s gaze is drawn to her. These outfits represent the Efik woman’s attractiveness and demonstrate how she would bring color and liveliness into her home. It implies that she is strong and capable of conquering everything in her home.

The goal is to show everyone that the Efik bride is more valuable than gold.

Photos of Efik Lace Gown Accessories