Sometimes, we find ourselves so conversant with some knowledge about a person, product, environment, etc and we do not bother to ask questions when needed.

One such case is the beautiful wax worn by the Idoma people. It is an established fact that the majority of the Idoma clan is found in Benue state Nigeria while some are scattered in small hamlets in Nasarawa and Cross River states.

What is not common knowledge is why the Idoma community wears a fabric patterned red and black.

These two colors share a special meaning. 

The black in Idoma clothing (also known as Apa or Edema) represents the earth and burial shroud. Red represents royalty or red feather. The same red feather can often be seen atop the head of the traditional leaders or monarchs.

This constitutes the loss the people have endured and represents the royalty from which the people stem from.

These clothing are worn on important occasions such as weddings, festivals and so on.

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