Did you Know? The meaning behind the Idoma traditional clothing.

The magnificent wax worn by the Idoma people is one such example. The majority of the Idoma clan is found in the Nigerian state of Benue, with a few scattered in small hamlets in the states of Nasarawa and Cross River.

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The soil and burial shroud are represented by the black of Idoma attire (also known as Apa or Edema). The color red is associated with royalty or a red feather. Traditional leaders or kings are frequently seen with the same red feather on their heads.

This depicts the loss the people have suffered, as well as the royalty from which they are sprung. These outfits are worn during special occasions such as weddings and celebrations.

What is less well known is why the Idoma people wear a red and black striped fabric. These two hues have a unique importance for each other.

Photos of Idoma Attires

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Idoma Children

Idoma Children

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