Everyone is in the know as to how beautifully adorned the Efik brides look. They wear extravagant fabrics with lots of colors. In recent times, many have decided to modernize and make it look classy this does not in any way reduce its beauty and its cultural essence.

However, we have found a lot of people do not know the importance of these accessories. The Efik wife must come forth in a certain attire that differentiates her from the rest.

The sleeveless blouse.

This is a must-wear for the beauties. It comes in different materials, styles, decorations, and colors. These blouses are short and croplike, which reveals the belly area. For a bride, the top would be garnish with embroidery, beads, rhinestones, and other attractive elements. 

The wrapper 

This is used with the chemise, the combination of both gives the wearer an attractive figure. These wrappers are also short and divulge the leg of its wearer. On most occasions when a bride decides to wear the complete traditional outfit, she is always barefooted with cultural fittings worn on the hand and legs.

The combination of the Sleeveless blouse and the wrapper is called ‘Ofod Ukod Anwang’ in the local dialect.

We had stated earlier that due to modernization the brides prefer to dress in a somewhat different fashion which is also in line with the Efik culture. That option is called “Onyonyo”. 

This is a long and flowing dress that looks a lot like European ones with a tight top and a wide capacious skirt. Attached to this package is the staff they hold, their hairdo which is richly festooned with a queen headpiece.

When all these are put together, the bride turns into a regal queen. She towers over every other belle and all eye is on her. These dressing symbolizes the beauty of the Efik woman and shows that she would bring colors and life into her home. It connotes that she is full of strength and can conquer all in her home.

The aim is to prove to all that the Efik bride is worth more than Gold.