Just married Couples in their aso ebi outfits looking very romantic

Weddings in Africa are not complete without couples in their aso ebi outfits showcasing the richness and splendour of their culture and coutures.

The excitement that fills the air when two young people who are in love decide to take a step further to marry themselves could be overwhelming to say the least.

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Aso ebi outfits and African couples

In Africa one thing that  very common to  a couple who wear matching aso ebi clothing, whether in their traditional marriage ceremony, engagement party or even in their honeymoon.

No matter how big or small a wedding party is it likely to spot some set of individuals or group of people wearing clothes with same materials but with different designs.

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Aso ebi outfits as a cultural demand

Among many ethnic groups, tribes and communities in Africa there are specific aso ebi outfits that are not just popular but are also means of identification.

Some ethnic groups have been known over time by their choice of clothing. Some examples are Kente which is very popular in Ghana, Aso oke and Agbada worn by the yoruba people in South Western Nigeria, the Isiagu and George worn by the Igbos South Eastern Nigeria, and may more.

As time goes by the quality of materials and design patterns changes but the cultural significance of this apparels have been instilled in the fabric of society so much that at a glance one could easily depict the cultural background of a couple just by what they are wearing.

Igbo couple in aso ebi outfit


Economic importance of Aso ebi outfits

Many African countries today lives by importing most of their basic needs like food, clothing, textiles etc.

Although, their exists many textile industries in Africa, many of them are facing continuous downward growth because Africans would not appreciate her own businesses, fashion and culture.

In recent times, we have noticed a change in the narrative. Africans are becoming enlightened and are slowly learning to embrace their own culture and traditions.

It has been proven that the more we place value on our culture and tradition, the better other culture appreciate and even copy our style which as a result yield economic growth.


We have taken the time to select an array of lovely African couples who are rocking their own outfit on dat es and marriage ceremonies.

Psquare in couple aso ebi outfit

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Hausa couple asoebi outfit

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Yoruba couple in aso ebi outfit

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