Our stunning ladies in their Asoebi head gear (Gele)

You must have heard about the Asoebi on countless occasions but did you know the full package to rocking a dazzling Asoebi attire is with the head gear (gele)
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Automated Gele.

It is a faux-pas to wear only the dress without using the headgear. They go together and come in pairs like ‘Tom and Jerry’. Dressing up without the gele is like dressing down. The gele is so important that the use of automated headgear was introduced into the wedding scene to avoid extra charges of tying.

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This allows you to tie the hear gear without help and at your own convenience. Isn’t that amazing? They have them in different shapes and designs. This doesn’t negate the fact that some ladies still prefer to go through the original tying method. We will say it’s each to its own.

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Whatever rocks your boat should be the slogan for each lady. If you feel you want to go through the instinct of having to sit through the tying ordeal it is fine. However, you need to put the gele in the dressing package to have a complete set. Without this, we aren’t too sure you are ready for the party. 

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