Rwandan Traditional Groom’s Gusaba Attire For Men

Gusaba is a traditional Rwandan wedding ceremony where the groom and his family ask for the bride’s hand in marriage from her family. During this ceremony, both the groom and the bride typically dress in traditional Rwandan attire.

Gusaba attire

As for the men’s outfit, traditional Rwandan men’s attire typically includes a long, loose-fitting robe called a “gandura” or “guandura,” which is often made of lightweight fabric such as cotton or silk. The gandura is usually worn over loose-fitting trousers called “amaso,” and a sash or belt is tied around the waist to complete the outfit.

In addition to the gandura and amaso, men may also wear a “kofia,” which is a traditional Rwandan hat made of woven straw or other natural fibers. This hat is often worn tilted to one side and may be decorated with patterns or embroidery.

Gusaba attires

It’s worth noting that specific styles and variations of traditional Rwandan clothing can vary depending on the region and cultural group, so the exact outfit worn during a Gusaba ceremony may differ slightly depending on the specific traditions of the families involved.

To compliment the male gusaba During a Gusaba traditional Rwandan wedding ceremony, the bride typically wears a beautiful, brightly colored dress called an “Umushanana.” The Umushanana is made of a vibrant patterned fabric, often with bold stripes or geometric shapes, and is designed to highlight the bride’s beauty and femininity.

Rwandan Groom Gusaba Attires

For men, a floor-length gandura is worn over a white office shirt and has a ribbon draped over one shoulder. They typically wear these shirts buttoned up and accentuate with a vibrant choker necklace. The males from Rwanda also use a walking stick, and their chosen footwear is typically a sandal. This is an example of how traditional Rwandan man might dress.

Gusaba attire

The official dress of Rwanda is known as mushanana, and you will frequently see people wearing it, especially at important events like weddings and church ceremonies.

For formal events like church services, funerals, and weddings, Rwandans wear umushanana, sometimes known as imishanana in the plural.

Gusaba attire

Gusaba attire

Gusaba attire


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