The Isiagu Igbo chieftaincy attire, pride of the Igbos.

The Isiagu which is translated as ‘tiger or lion’s head’ is a popular Igbo outfit which is worn mostly on important occasions like weddings and coronation ceremonies.

It is made in form of a pullover shirt with golden bottons linked by a chain (although not in all cases) and usually with a brest pocket, usually the head of a tiger or a lion is boldly printed on the fabric.



The Isiagu is the official Igbo chieftaincy attire, it is hard to see any Igbo ruler who doesn’t have the Isiagu in his closet. Although, in recent times anybody can choose to wear the Isiagu, even women can rock it. Nevertheless, it still remains a highly prestigious attire.

Isiagu matching accessories

The Isiagu goes well with beads and walking sticks and of course the traditional Igbo red cap or black as the case may be, a purse and leather shoes are also matching accessories which could properly dipict the image of a proud and affluent Igbo man.

Men in isiagu

Men in isiagu

Isiagu trends

Today, the Isiagu comes in different colours. Initially it comes only in red and black colours, we have seen it in blue, white variation.

While some would say it is just an ordinary cloth others would argue about the the respect that should be accorded to it because of the calibre of people who wear it and the kind of prestigious occasion which Isiagu is been worn.

Isiagu future

In the future we see Isiagu clothing gaining more acceptance all over the world because the Igbo tribe are well travelled and are willing to settle anywhere in the world as long as they are welcomed and accepted, with so much business acumen and a rich culture the Igbos are very proud of their cultural heritage and are ever ready to display the flamboyance of the coutures.

We can firmly say that the Isiagu has come to stay because of the the level of popularity it is gaining and how fast people are willing to identify with the Igbo race.

Isi agu

Isi agu

Isiagu kimono

Isiagu kimono

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Black Red and blue Isiagu



Isiagu in agbada style

Isiagu in agbada style

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President Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari

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