The term ‘Asoebi’ is used by all outside of its tribe of origin. It is a common word that is used to state the fabric or attire that the couple as well as the guest would use. It is majorly for the guest since the bride and group usually pick something different so as to be unique. Unlike the other tribes, the Hausa tribe is known for its distinctive weddings. The ambiance and procedure may look different but the communion of the same fabric oozing into the environment is always the same.

The Hausa bride is known to wear beautiful henna and bedazzled in jewelry almost similar to that of an Indian bride. In earlier days, it used to be just any material, plain and boring. However, in recent times, this new generation of couples have decided to take it a step further and make it more fashionable. 

Inculcating beautiful lace materials, and fabrics drafted with sequence and cords to make the bride and groom look outstanding is the new cool.

Whilst not abandoning its culture, they have embraced the use of classy makeup and high-end traditional wear on some occasions. 

You can’t but feel excited when the wedding is about to start and everyone is in high spirits. The bride looking deliciously gorgeous while the groom looking dashing and handsome. A flank of the guest in the same Asoebi attire to represent the families and friends of the bride and groom. What a scene to behold.