One thing to look forward to when attending the Igbo wedding is the beauty of the attire and decor. You would witness a lot of horsetail in the display, the finest of velvet, and true beauty. A variety of ornaments to adorn the bride and embellish the groom.

The Igbo community is known for its tactical beats and dance steps. These and more are showcased at the wedding. Unlike in the past where everything is mediocre and the wedding is concluded, we have a generation of fashion enthusiasts who have taken wedding attires to the next level. It becomes more colorful, bouyant and elaborate. Every ceremony is slated to  make a fashion statement whilst showcasing the elegance of the Igbo culture.

It is a scenario one wouldn’t never want to miss. This generation will forever be remembered as the oxygen that gave life to the Igbo wedding. Are you getting ready for your special day? Are you confused with what to wear or how your attire should look? You are in luck as there are end;ess designs and fashion statement that can help you make your day special.