The significance of the traditional Igbo red cap

The red cap is a piece of head clothing worn by titled or chiefs in the Igbo land. It sysmbolizes authority, leadership and affluence, the traditional red cap is reserved for highly esteemed men in the society.

Igbo red cap

Igbo red cap

Although, today you can see a lot of people putting on this revered cap but ideal one comes with an Eagle feather hoisted on the side, that is one sure way to spot the original.

Original red Igbo traditional cap

Original red Igbo traditional cap hi

The traditional Igbo red cap is like a crown which is bestowed on men who have served the community and have fulfilled some laid down rites and customs befitting the reward of a title like the Nze or Ichei as the case may be.

Men in red cap

Men in red cap

The cap is presented by the highest ranking traditional ruler as in a huge feast in the present of the king makers and the entire community. The bearer will be accorded some respect thereafter by the members of the community as a member of the ruling class and disrespecting such a person is disresping the constituted authority.

Group of chiefs

Group of chiefs

One major challenge is that the red cap is becoming even more rampant by the day and worn by all manner of individuals, This poses a challenge to the true worth of the red cap, it has got to stop.

Obi cubana is a chief

Obi cubana is a chief

We shall not stop to stress the significance of the Igbo chieftaincy cap and it’s worth not just financial but the cultural worth. Let everyone who put on these head wear should understand it’s value and try as much as they can to live up to the statute that is synonymous to such distinguished piece of clothing, such wear with so much cultural importance shouldn’t be abused by just anybody but rather they should be worn only by people who understands what they stand for and will act in accordance to the hidden rules or codes that is such wears demands by virtue of customs and traditions.


Igbo Red cap

Igbo Red cap

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Igbo traditional cap

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