There are some traditions we witness being performed at weddings that we do not know the importance of. We just know we are born into this culture and it is a norm.

However, we have soon discovered that everything done at traditional weddings all have its value.

Therefore, we have decided to discuss briefly the essence of the wine carrying in the Igbo nuptial ceremony.

In Igbo local dialect, the carrying of wine by the bride is called the Igba Nkwu Ceremony. It is done in pursuit of the groom.

According to indigenes, the wine used for this occasion is different and undiluted. It is used to solidify the bond between the couples hence, the difference in taste. It is used strictly for marriage purposes. Anyone who receives it from the woman is who she has chosen as her husband.

It also represents the fact that the taste of the palm wine is sweet and sour, which interprets that marriage is not all bliss and rosy.

The ceremony itself is filled with merriment and keeps the guest excited as the bride search for her groom. The in-depth of this is auspicious and is deeply rooted in the Igbo tradition and culture.