How Much do you Know About Damask Fabric and designs?

Damask gown designs

Damask fabric’s design is created through the weaving technique, which is a combination of two different weaving technique the design is woven using a satin weave, while the background is achieved through a plain, twill, or sateen weave.

It is a reversible, jacquard-patterned fabric, meaning that the pattern is woven into the fabric, instead of printed on it.

Silver Damask pattern gown

The patterns of damask can be either multi-colored or a single colored. Damasks can be made from a variety of different textiles, including silk, linen, cotton, wool, or synthetic fibers, like rayon


The Damask is woven using only a single warp thread and a single weft thread. .

A short History of Damask

Damask originated from China around 300 B.C., but later was developed into a major weaving technique during the early Middle Ages. The production of damask in the beginning was centered around Byzantine and the Middle East.

The fabric takes its name from the city of Damascus, which was an active trading port on the silk road. Early medieval damasks were usually hand-woven in silk.

Damask came to Europe for the first time in the fourteenth century, with the first records of the use of the word are in the mid-fourteenth century in French.

Early European damasks were woven on Italian draw looms, which are looms with two harnesses that allow for the creation of patterns a standard loom cannot accommodate.

Modern damasks are made using Jacquard looms, which are computerized power looms.

Some Features and Uses of the Damask in resent times

There are some important attributes that the Damask material posses which we could used to ascertain it’s authenticity some of which include. The unique patterns which are very pleasant to the eyes also thickness of the material and the colourful and stylish finishes.

The Damask material today is not only used to make apparels, it is now used by interior decoration to make furnitures, curtins and wall designs.

The stylish patterns and unique designs will guaranty not just a good beautiful apparel both also a very attractive house interior.

Damask gown designs

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