Fabulous Ankara Styles Worn By Popular DJ Cuppy

Celebrities seek intriguing ways to share their sense of style (or even Ankara styles) with a variety of interesting people, from working with celebrities and clients to music parties.

Cuppy has utilized her DJ skills to showcase African fashion in a variety of settings, including music videos, commercials, TV shows, and red carpets. She might also collaborate with public relations specialists or designers.

Ankara Styles

DJ Cuppy

A good fashionista knows how to draw attention to other people’s strengths. It takes an art to dress in a way that flatters someone and is acceptable for occasion.

About DJ Cuppy

Cuppy was raised in Lagos and was given the name Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola in 1992. To always have a piece of home, she filled it with Nigerian music, which sparked her passion in music. Cuppy continued to learn how to DJ only by doing.

DJ Cuppy primarily plays house music, but she started experimenting with music from her birthplace after noticing that it was progressively gaining popularity in mainstream Europe. This piqued her interest, and she set out to develop a sound that would be accessible to a global audience without losing sight of her cultural roots. She refers to this fresh sound as Neo-Afrobeats, an amalgam of Afro-beats and Electric House.

DJ Cuppy Ankara Styles

Ankara Styles

Ankara Styles

Ankara Styles

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