Fantastic LAVIYE African Print Accessories Collections

African print accessories complete your look perfectly! Make an impression in Laviye’s African print clutches, Ankara handbags, African print shoes, African print head wraps, and African men’s accessories, among other things. LAVIYE’s online African accessories may transform your outfit from drab to fantastic.

LAVIYE was founded in 2012 to empower millennials in the diaspora to rediscover their African heritage. The goal was to develop a channel for men and women to find confidence in self-expression, to be bold in their clothing choices, and to be fearless in their beliefs.

African Print

African Print Bowtie Set

The L’AVIYE bowtie set was created to add some African print flair to your suit jacket! African print is fascinating and will catch everyone’s attention. You can wear each piece separately or together, but it will undoubtedly give a touch of class to your wardrobe.

African Print

African Print Headwrap

The African pattern headwrap by LAVIYE is guaranteed to become a favorite! This headwrap with brilliant African print hues may be worn in a variety of ways to effortlessly accentuate your favorite daytime and nighttime attire. This headwrap is sure to turn heads whether you’re having a terrible hair day or simply want to add an extra dose of flare to your wardrobe.

African Print

African Print Flower Pin

Ankara Lapel Flowers by L’AVIYE. These wonderfully handmade African fabric rose lapel pins, available in a variety of African Kente print colors, will brighten up any suit on your special day. Ideal for giving as a gift, weddings, special occasions, or simply adding a pop of color to your suit.

African Print

African Print Face Mask

Stay safe when wearing LAVIYE’s unisex face mask with African designs. Ankara face mask will make you stand out whether shopping, queuing, or visiting public places. The face mask is constructed of a layer of 100% African wax cotton, a layer of breathable cotton, and an extra pocket layer of soft cotton into which a filter of your choosing can be inserted for maximum comfort and protection.

African Print

African Wax Necktie and Bow Tie Set

Handmade African Print NeckTie Set by L’AVIYE. This fantastic five-piece Ankara tie set is ideal for any event. Made of 100% cotton fabric with a West African ankara wax design for a fashionable and sophisticated African vibe.

African Print

The Tie Set includes a long neck tie, matching pocket square, pre-tied bow tie, medium floral pin, and a pair of cuff links that will brighten up any gentleman’s jacket or blazer.

Wearing one-of-a-kind, well-crafted African-inspired designer pieces does not have to be expensive or dull. There are plenty of plain/boring objects all throughout the high street.

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