10 Ankara Peplum Jackets For Formal & Feminine Poise

Ankara peplum jackets give ladies more options when dressing for formal or semi-formal events. Peplum jackets can be a fashionable addition to your wardrobe for various formal occasions thanks to their fitted bodice and flared peplum hem.

The fact that there are so many different methods to style it and a wide variety of style possibilities makes it one of the most appealing. In addition, you can pair it with various dresses based on your personal preferences.

The Ankara peplum jacket continues to be the most popular jacket design in Africa. Its generally flattering fit, which looks great on every body type, is the reason for its success.

10 Latest Ankara Peplum Jacket Ideas

Check out our best 10 latest Ankara peplum jacket styles in high demand today.

1. Ankara Peplum Jacket With Bow Snitch

Ankara peplum jacket with the bow check Snatched navel region highlighting the waistline. This style of peplum jacket has a flared or ruffled fabric attached at the waist, creating a peplum effect. A bow is a decorative knot that may be made out of the same fabric or ribbon with a similar color and is frequently used to decorate clothing or accessories. Bows can give an outfit a feminine and elegant touch.

Ankara peplum jacket

2. Long Ankara Peplum Jacket

The long Ankara peplum jacket is a flexible and fashionable piece of clothing. The tight bodice shapes the figure while the peplum hem gives the silhouette fullness and flair. It may be worn with a skirt, pair of pants, or jeans. Additionally, a dress or top may be worn with it.

Ankara peplum jacket

3. Short Ankara Peplum Jacket

As the name implies, a short Ankara peplum jacket is intended to be shorter in length, typically stopping at the waist or just above the hips. It may thus be worn in a variety of ways and with different bottoms, including dresses, skirts, and pants.

Short Ankara Peplum jacket

4. Wrapped Ankara Peplum Jacket

Wrapped Ankara peplum jackets are adaptable and may be worn in many different ways. It may be worn over a dress, a skirt, a pair of slacks, or even shorts. The jacket’s wrapped shape indicates that it should be tied around your body, sometimes with a tie or belt. You may try out various styles that fit with the wrap-style closure.

Ankara peplum jacket

5. Belted Ankara Peplum Jacket

A belted Ankara peplum jacket is a stylish and versatile piece of clothing. It is constructed of bold and colorful African pattern Ankara fabric. The peplum gives the jacket a touch of elegance and flare, while the belt draws the waist in for a form-flattering fit.

6. Ankara Jacket With A Wide Collar

The peplum gives the jacket a touch of elegance and flare, while the belt draws the waist in for a form-flattering fit. The broad collar of this jacket is its distinguishing characteristic. Usually, the collar is bigger than the regular collars found on most coats. It could feature a shawl collar, notched lapel, or another broad collar design that attractively frames the neckline.

7. Oversized Ankara Peplum Jacket

The jacket’s peplum adds a dash of elegance and flare, and its oversized fit is loose and unrestrictive. The print and fit should both be taken into account when selecting an enormous Ankara peplum jacket. The pattern should be one that you adore and that complements your skin tone. The garment should fit loosely and comfortably, but not excessively.

8. Sleeveless Ankara Peplum Jacket

A sleeveless peplum jacket, as its name implies, has no sleeves, making it a good choice for warm weather or for layering over blouses, skirts, or tops with sleeves. The jacket can be any length, from short, cropped versions to longer ones that reach the hips or thighs.

Sleeveless Ankara peplum jacket

9. Ankara Peplum Tuxedo Jacket

This jacket’s defining characteristic is the peplum detail. It often comprises a flared or ruffled part that is linked at the waist and hangs just below it. By emphasizing the waist, the peplum provides a touch of femininity and shapes the body in an hourglass form. These jackets often have a single-button or double-breasted closure, which adds to the formal and tailored look. The choice of closure can affect the overall style of the jacket.

Ankara peplum jacket

10. Ankara Peplum Fleece Jacket

The jacket may include a variety of closures, including zippers, buttons, snaps, or hooks, depending on the design. The choice of closure can have an impact on the jacket’s overall design and functioning. Ankara fabric, which resembles fleece and is famous for its softness, warmth, and insulating qualities, is generally used to make jackets. Because fabric offers good insulation and is lightweight, fleece is a popular choice for cold weather.


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Ankara peplum jacket

Ankara peplum jacket

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