25 Urban Style Ankara Varsity Jacket Designs

The trendiest jacket styles right now are varsity jackets, which are once again becoming quite popular among urban styles.

“varsity jackets” is regarded as an urban fashion trend because it is primarily worn by young people, especially those who belong to gen Zs. However, an urban look does not necessarily have to be excessively rough.

This unisex style is a product of Western civilization. Africans are increasingly adopting the varsity jacket, however it has been altered and made with ankara materials.

Urban style

The perfect times to wear ankara varsity jackets in Africa are during the rainy, chilly Harmattan seasons as well as those times when the air is quite muggy.

A pair of jeans, a pair of sneakers, and the majority of urban fashion trends will go together effortlessly. The same is true of the varsity jacket made of Ankara. An additional fantastic choice might be chino’s pant trouser instead of a jean.

As we all know, most people like to wear an inner-garment first before putting on a jacket, and the plain white round neck or V-neck is one of the most accepted and well-liked options. This is not to imply that other types of shirts cannot go well with the varsity jacket.

Urban style

The Ankara fabric exposes a lot of color, which makes the jacket stand out and truly distinguishes it from the inner fabric.

Additionally, the majority of chinos and jeans don’t have a lot of color, which makes the Ankara university jacket pop out. As we all know, urban style may also be referred to as pop culture.

Urban styles

Since they complement Jean Trousers, any footwear from Pop Culture that complements Jean Trousers would be an excellent fit.

Despite the fact that Africa is still quite fresh to this extremely metropolitan fashion trend. But we’re confident it will go viral, and we anticipate that more and more African youth will adopt this new urban style.

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Urban fashion

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