26+ Cool Ankara Suits For Men With Versatile Fashion Sense

If you feel confident enough, you should choose the Ankara suit, which includes a matching coat and pair of pants. You can choose plain textiles with only little amounts of in-printed material if you’re a timid person and don’t like the bright colors and designs found in in-printed material.

In-print on material suits and jackets were uncommon in the past. The material’s more casual vibe was seen to be somewhat inappropriate for the inherently formal suits and jackets. Yet since then, the fashion industry has made significant advancements. Several guys are wearing suits and jackets made of African print fabric today.

For informal outings and nighttime gatherings with friends, You can’t be wrong if you wear a men’s ankara suit. In West Africa, this is the typical outfit for guys, and we are happy to share this lovely attire with you. Blazer with two flap pockets and an African print fabric in a slim fit. For formal and smart-casual settings, this men’s Ankara suit is perfect. in the conventional single-breasted manner.

Look like a big man by rocking Ankara suits and pants or trousers. You can decide to have it as an Ankara jacket and Ankara trousers or equally rock the jacket with another trousers either a jean or any other material. Ankara waist jacket is also among the styles that men are falling in love with these days. You can rock this style during winter or rainy season. It can be worn as both a traditional and formal outfit.

Three Piece Ankara Suits & Tuxedos

Sometimes called a waistcoat suit, a 3-piece suit consists of a matching set of waistcoat (vest), jacket and trousers. Typically, this type of suit consists of a double-breasted vest worn under a single-breasted jacket. Another one of the Ankara styles for male is wearing an Ankara jacket on top of classic shirt and pants. Tuxedos are know for the addition of silk materials to most especially the suit collars.

Ankara suit

Ankara suit

Ankara suits

Ankara 3 piece suit

Two Piece Ankara Suits

The two-piece suit is the most basic and most common type of suit. It usually consists of a jacket and pants, and it is versatile and can be worn for both formal and informal occasions. This will make an intriguing mixture of western fashion and African Ankara fashion for men, which is most certainly won’t go unnoticed. You can use jeans instead of trousers to create somewhat more casual look.

Ankara suit

Ankara suit

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