8 Laid-back Casual Ankara Styles For Unofficial Occasions

laid-back casual Ankara styles are all about feeling comfortable and relaxed while still looking stylish and put together. Choose clothes that fit well, are made of high-quality materials, and reflect your personal style.

If you’re looking to incorporate Ankara fabric into a more casual look, here are a few tips:

  1. Blend & Match: Don’t be hesitant to blend Ankara fabric with other textiles, such as jeans, velvet, or leather, or to mix various Ankara prints.
  2. Keep it Basic: Use classic shapes and silhouettes that let the fabric shine. A fantastic casual outfit can be a maxi dress or a basic shirt worn with trousers.
  3. Accessorize: For the final touch on your appearance, add some bright and playful accessories like beaded jewelry or a headwrap.
  4. Wear Ankara as a key piece: If you’re not comfortable wearing head-to-toe Ankara, try wearing an Ankara skirt or pants paired with a simple t-shirt or blouse.

Laid-back casual clothes typically refer to clothing that is comfortable and relaxed, yet still stylish and presentable. Some examples of laid-back casual clothing might include:

Ankara Babydoll Dress

The waistline of an ankara babydoll dress sits just below the bust, and the loose, gathered skirt extends over the knee. It is a short-sleeved dress. You’ll want to wear the next dress to brunch with a loose-fitting empire waist silhouette.
Casual ankara styles

Casual ankara styles


Ankara Rompers

An ankara Romper is a single-piece garment of clothing that resembles a combination of a shirt and shorts. Rompers became one of the most popular clothing garment with babies and children. And eventually, Women willingly wore ankara rompers, making it mainstream clothing wear.

Casual ankara styles

Ankara Mini Dress

The Ankara mini dress is a timeless wardrobe asset that can take you from day to night. Whether it’s a mini sundress for the beach, or a mini cocktail dress for a night out, mini dresses are classic, trendy clothes that can fit any lifestyle.

Casual ankara styles

Casual ankara styles

Ankara Joggers

Ankara joggers are a type of clothing that combines the comfort of joggers with the vibrant and colorful patterns of Ankara fabric. Ankara joggers have become increasingly popular in recent years, as people seek to embrace and celebrate African culture and fashion. They are often paired with simple tops and sneakers for a relaxed, yet stylish look.

Casual ankara styles

Ankara Varsity Jacket

The trendiest jacket styles right now are varsity jackets, which are once again becoming quite popular among urban styles. This unisex style is a product of Western civilization. Africans are increasingly adopting the varsity jacket, however it has been altered and made with ankara materials.

Casual ankara styles


Ankara Mini Skirts

Need something skimpy and hot for your night out? Go ahead and rock ankara mini skirts. You can make them high-rise and pair with crop tops too. The latest Ankara styles are irresistibly beautiful and affordable.

Casual ankara styles

Ankara Short Knickers

The Ankara short knickers and top for ladies are one of the ways the Ankara fabric can be rocked stylishly. When it comes to styling the Ankara fabric, there are different creative styles you can explore as a lady.

Ankara Crop Tops

This is for those who want to look hot, and what better way than to put on a crop top with some jeans? The Ankara crop top comes in different designs and is perfect for summer.

Casual ankara styles


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