Ankara Shirt Dress: A Classic Option to Consider Today

An Ankara shirt dress is a versatile and stylish garment that combines the traditional African Ankara fabric with the classic design of a shirt dress. Ankara shirt dresses come in various styles and lengths. Some may be knee-length, midi-length, or maxi-length, catering to different preferences and occasions.

Shirt dresses are always in fashion; they never go out of style! It is a kind of women’s clothing that takes cues from men’s shirts. A collar, a button front, and/or cuffed sleeves are frequently found on such garments.

Ankara skirt dress

The versatility of the shirt dress is what I like most about it. It can be dressed up for a night out with a killer pair of heels or kept casually stylish when paired with brogues and a leather jacket.

How To Style An Ankara Shirt Dress

There are different shirt dress patterns that have different features and styles. So, You may choose what you want from an Ankara shirt dress by the way you style it. Here are a few recommendations:

Belt it!

The simplest approach to define your waist and make a shirt dress more attractive is to add a belt. However, adding a belt is also the ideal way to update the dress’s look. Many clothing choices already include a tie waist. With the addition of a belt, you can instantly alter the appearance of shift dresses. It’s also a terrific method to add some form, especially if you’re small! Personally, I think slender belts look better when worn with dresses since they give the outfit a sleeker, more feminine form.

Ankara shirt dress

Roll Up your Sleeves

Wear a large bracelet or a necklace with thin layers. And don’t forget, you may wear similar dresses while you’re on vacation in the summer. A cap, a pair of sunglasses, some gladiator shoes or flip-flops, and a big beach bag to finish the appearance. You may attach bracelets, wristwatches, and rings with a rolled-up sleeve.

Achieve a More Professional look with a Bow Snitch 

The essence the bow snitch on business wears is to make you appear simple and smart, and they look great fastened around the waist of the shirt dresses too! Given that Ankara shirt dresses are fairly vivid, we advise using the same fabric as the shirt dress or a less colorful bow snitch. Attaching a hoop on both sides of the dress where the snitch will follow is strongly adviced.

Ankara shirt dress


A Heel Can Make The Difference

Nothing adds a little more glitz to an outfit than a stylish pair of shoes. A heel drastically changes a woman’s body, giving her a more elegant posture and self-assured appearance. Ankara shirt dresses appear more formal when you’ve got a heel on.

For a Casual look Consider a Sneaker

Slip-on sneakers are such a charming match for Ankara shirt dresses and have made a significant comeback. It is such a perfect way to dress down your Ankara shirt dress. Personally, I’ve had my eye on this Vince pair in white!

Layer with a Denim 

You need a denim fabric if you don’t already have one in your wardrobe. They are undoubtedly one of my closet’s most adaptable items and look great layered together with just about anything!

Add Accessories for fun

You can style an Ankara shirt dress with various accessories, such as statement jewelry, a headwrap or turban, a clutch bag, and shoes that complement the colors and patterns of the fabric.

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Ankara shirt dress

Ankara skirt dress


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