Jalamia Arabic Thawb and Abaya

Abaya designs for ladies

In contrast to the Arabic thawb, which is generally white in color, the Jalamia or Jalabiya is a loose Egyptian traditional garment that is quite colorful and trendy in look.

Jalamias are of East African origin and have a traditional style. The Jalamia, or Jalabiya, as the case may be, has evolved over time into even more trendy and colorful clothes with pretty unique designs and patterns sought for by individuals of many ethnic origins and religious beliefs.

Jalabiya in Africa

Jalabiya in Africa

The Arab thawb is a religious regalia that originated in the Middle East and is popular among Moslem devout all over the world. A thobe, also called as a thawb, is a tunic-style robe.

On the Arabian Peninsula, where they are viewed as a symbol of tradition, pride, and sophistication, these garments are more common! They are designed to cover the entire body from the neck to the ankle. As a result, they have both loose and lengthy sleeve lengths.

A man in Arabic thawb

A man in Arabic thawb

The ‘Abaya‘ is a brand-new and difficult-to-resist garment. The Abaya, which has been in high demand in recent years, is said to be more expensive than its predecessors and competitors.

Abaya designs for <a class=

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Abaya sample for men

Abaya sample for men

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