Makeup Guru: Jide Of St. Ola, A True International Beauty Artist

Many of us are aware that the makeup beauty industry is popular among women, however there aren’t many successful guys working in this field. One of them is the notorious person with the saint after his name.

Jide is succeeding so well for himself and demonstrating to many that passion triumphs over manliness. He excels in his field, and the elite in and outside of Abuja, Nigeria sought him out as a result.

Jide Of St. Ola

As a result of strong relationships with the majority of Nigerian celebrities, popular makeup artists are now recognized as semi-celebrities and socialites in Nigeria. The skills of these celebrity makeup artists are in high demand, and they are paid well for their efforts.

Many men who have always wanted to work in fields considered to be feminine but can’t because of prejudice are inspired by him. What else can we say but to follow your passion and excel at it? Learn your trade and recognize that the sky is your destination.

Jide Of St. Ola At Work


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Jide Of St. Ola Beauty Work



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